Company History

outsideGeorgia Prosthetics has a rich history of providing superior prosthetic services and helping people lead active, fulfilling lives. Since our very beginning, we have remained committed to providing the very best and most advanced prostheses.

Georgia Prosthetics was established in 1964 by Alex McKown. He opened offices in both Macon and Atlanta at the same time. George Altman worked in the Macon office, and Aaron McLain worked in Atlanta. Eventually George and Aaron bought into the business and each held 24% while Alex was 50% owner. When Alex was ready to retire, George and Aaron bought the rest of the prosthetics company and operated as partners, each running the office he started in 1964.

Advanced, Pain-free Prosthetics for Patients & Military Veterans

The Atlanta office was in a small building on Spring Street. It relocated to 14th Street into a building that was previously an ambulance dispatching facility. The shop was in the old garage area.

The practice grew through word of mouth, especially by veterans from the Vietnam War. They recommended Georgia Prosthetics to other veterans because they received prostheses that were skillfully crafted and more comfortable, and allowed them to lead fuller lives.

In fact, this is still how many people find out about us today – through word of mouth from people who have greatly benefitted from our prosthetic products and services.

Aaron hired Dan Zenas CP in 2000, and sold the company to him in 2004. Aaron retired in 2006, and the company relocated to Briarwood Court in 2007 into a building that was previously a credit union for the CDC.

Though many advancements have been made in prosthetics in the last several years, one thing has remained the same– our company still prides itself on providing pain-free solutions to amputees who have had difficulties wearing prostheses, and strives to operate as a true Center of Excellence.

- ABC Certified Prosthetist
- Georgia Licensed Prosthetist

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