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6 Advantages of an Above the Elbow Prosthesis: Helping with Daily Tasks

By Georgia Prosthetics

Prosthetic options for above the elbow can be complex at times. Georgia Prosthetics is here to help you sift through all of the research and options to help you determine the best options for you and your lifestyle.

In this blog post we are going to talk about several advantages of above the elbow prostheses. We will talk about several ways that this type of prosthetics can help with your everyday tasks. If you recently had an above elbow amputation, this blog post will definitely help you.

If you have questions while reading this post or after you’re finished reading it, please don’t hesitate to call us. We love helping our customers achieve the best results for the prosthetics that fit several different lifestyles.

And now we’ll start talking about upper limb prosthetics…

6 Advantages of Above the Elbow Prostheses

With a high-quality, fully functioning above the elbow prostheses, you can experience several advantages, such as:

1. Ease of motion

The ease of motion is very important, especially when it comes to completing daily tasks. You’ll find that flexing and bending the prosthetic arm will give you great benefits.

2. Ability to hold a certain amount of weight

Chances are, you’ll most likely want to hold some weight using your residual arm. This can be possible when you have a high-quality upper extremity prosthetic.

3. Perform daily tasks with ease and quickness

Depending on the type of prosthetic, hand, and socket used, you can have a fast, powerful prosthetic to meet your daily needs.

4. Natural arm movements

When an upper limb prosthetic is fully functioning and designed the right way, you most likely will not experience many restrictions when it comes to natural arm movements. You should definitely choose someone who is experienced with design and function of prosthetics—choose Georgia Prosthetics!

5. Reflexes

With a high-quality prosthetic system, you can still experience regular reflexes to aid in your daily life. You want a system that is designed to meet your lifestyle, though.

6. Comfortable fit

You can experience the advantage of a comfortable fit when the prosthetic is designed and fitted appropriately. Make sure you choose a prosthetic maker who can create a comfortable prosthesis.

Sockets are Very Important for Upper Extremity and Above the Elbow Prosthetics

The socket, which is the part of the device that attaches to the person’s residual limb, is critical for these types of prosthetics


upper limb prosthesis from Georgia Prosthetics

If you have a poorly-designed socket that is uncomfortable or not fully functional, you will be limited as to the benefits of other prosthetic components. Suspension is a term for the method of keeping the socket attached to the residual limb.

Prostheses for the upper extremities have to be suspended throughout the entire range of motion in order to tolerate daily activities.

Suspension can be achieved through a variety of ways.

  • Silicone liners can be used in combination with certain locking mechanisms. The liners can increase comfort and provide excellent suspension for the wearer.

  • The wearer can use an external suspension sleeve.

  • A harness system can be used in which the straps will hold the prosthesis to the body.

  • Suction is another method to achieve suspension.

  • We can contour the socket around the amputee’s remaining body anatomy (also known as self-suspending).

As an example: A custom, self-suspending socket can be fabricated with or without a flexible inner socket. This type of socket will provide a great fit and a strong connection to the electrodes that are often used to control the hand.

Two Types of Prosthetic Control for Upper-Extremity Prostheses

There are two types of prosthetic control when it comes to fully functioning prostheses for the upper extremities. The two types are:

1. Body-powered prostheses

With this type of prosthetic, you will need to take into account whether or not control cables and/or a harness are needed. These features must be taken into account during the fitting and design process.

Furthermore, the socket must be designed appropriately in order to transmit and capture body movements that will operate the prosthesis. Body-powered systems are usually easier to put on.

It is optional that wearers can use prosthetic socks (or a different liner) to use between the socket and the residual limb. This will allow for added comfort.

2. Myoelectric prostheses

With myoelectric prosthetics, there must be surface contact between the electrodes and the wearer’s skin. This is a must.

In order to work properly, the socket should be designed to stabilize the electrodes against the muscle belly, while at the same time allowing the muscle to contract comfortably within the socket.

For most myoelectric prosthetic sockets, the person’s skin comes into direct contact with the socket in order to be fully functional.

How to Care for Your Above the Elbow Prostheses

When you choose a quality prosthetic device, we highly recommend taking very good care of it. This will help ensure that it will last as long as possible.

What is the proper care for upper limb prosthetics and sockets?

  • Clean and inspect the socket on a daily basis.

  • Clean it using a mild antibacterial soap with water.

Georgia Prosthetics can answer any of your questions regarding a specific type or brand name of above the elbow prostheses.


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