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Can I Drive Again Using My New Prothesis?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Following amputation, learning to drive using a new prosthesis is, for many patients, an important step in adjusting to their new lifestyle.

The ability to drive is not only necessary for many people, but it is also desirable and key to regaining independence and freedom.

Though it is an adjustment and a learning process, the good news is that many people are able to begin driving again after getting a prosthesis.

Advanced Prosthetics Technology for Driving

Modern technology has made most tasks much easier for amputees, including driving. For example, today there are prosthetic arms controlled by the patient’s mind, which can make it much easier to drive and can even enable patients with two prosthetic arms to operate a vehicle.

As technology continues to develop, amputees will certainly have more options than ever when it comes to driving and other activities.


Driving After Amputation: Things to Consider

  • Following amputation, patients will need to learn to drive again. As is necessary following any major change in your health, you will need to contact the DMV and let them know of your new status. You may need to re-take your driver’s test.

  • There are prostheses that can make driving easier, but some patients may find it easier to remove their prosthesis entirely when driving. It will likely take some experimentation to discover what makes you feel most comfortable.

  • Modifications can also be made to your vehicle to make it easier for you to drive. Many patients benefit from the use of both a modified vehicle and a prosthesis.

Just as it took some time to learn to drive the first time, learning to drive with a new prosthesis will be a process. However, with patience and determination, you are likely to be able to get back on the road following your amputation!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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