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I am a War Service-connected Veteran. Where Can I Find the Prosthetics Care I Need?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Georgia Prosthetics is proud to provide high-quality prosthetic devices to veterans who have lost limbs in service.

We offer prostheses that not only allow our patients to complete daily tasks, but also enable them to lead an active life and regain their independence.

Our prostheses are created to meet the needs of the individual and can be customized to suit any lifestyle.

  • Advanced Technology

    We offer the most technologically advanced prostheses available to truly enable patients to begin rebuilding their lives; beyond making it easier to accomplish basic tasks such as grasping objects or walking, we can help patients return to being as active as they were prior to their injuries. We can create a prosthesis catered to the individual’s needs, whatever they may be.

  • Excellent Service

    When you visit Georgia Prosthetics, you can be sure you will be treated with respect and dignity. We are dedicated to making sure each patient gets the care he or she needs, and we feel especially honored to provide our services to veterans. We understand that there are several transitions involved after a member of the military comes home with a serious injury. Our role is to make the transition to using a prosthetic device as easy as possible.

  • Continued Care

    After getting a prosthesis for the first time, some adjustments will be necessary as the patient learns what works best and is most comfortable. We create long-term relationships with our patients and gain satisfaction from helping them maintain their prostheses. We want to be a helpful resource for each patient, especially those who have served our country.


For veterans who have sustained serious injuries in war, adjusting to daily life is often a difficult process. It is our hope that we can make this process easier for our nation’s heroes by providing them with the best available prostheses.

For more information about our services for veterans, please contact a member of the Georgia Prosthetics team.

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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