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I Got My Prosthesis and It’s Uncomfortable

By Georgia Prosthetics

At Georgia Prosthetics, we are committed to making sure that our patients get fitted with a prosthesis that suits them perfectly. However, if you are a past patient of Georgia Prosthetics, and your device is not fitted properly due to weight gain, weight loss, etc. then please read this article.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss what to do if you were fitted for a prosthetic somewhere other than Georgia Prosthetics, but you feel that you were not fitted correctly, or that your prosthesis has never been comfortable.

What to Do With an Uncomfortable Prosthesis

There are a variety of reasons why a prosthesis can be uncomfortable. Different types of prosthetics work better for different patients, and as such it may take multiple efforts in order to fit you with a prosthesis that is the right look and feel for you.

If you feel that you were not fitted properly for your prosthesis, then you basically have two choices:

  • Contact the company that fitted you originally, and see if they will help you get a more comfortable prosthesis

  • Or, if you do not want to work with the same company again, you can call or contact us at Georgia Prosthetics.

Why is My Prosthesis Uncomfortable?

Your Prosthesis could be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • The initial fitting was either too tight or too loose

  • The prosthetic device you currently own is not conducive to your lifestyle

  • Proper follow up appointments were not scheduled

  • The prosthesis is causing irritated or dry, itchy skin

Why Choose Georgia Prosthetics to Help You

We believe in providing patients with the utmost quality and value when they visit our office. If you currently have a prosthesis that is causing you major discomfort or pain, we want to help you! Please give us a call today, or contact us here and we will normally be in touch with you within 24 hours.

You should not have to live with the pain or discomfort caused by an inadequate prosthesis. Get in touch with us today!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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