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Will I Have a Hard Time Functioning With My New Prothesis?

Many of our patients have questions when they come in for their consultations. One of the questions we are most often asked is, “Will I have... Read More

I am a War Service-connected Veteran. Where Can I Find the Prosthetics Care I Need?

Georgia Prosthetics is proud to provide high-quality prosthetic devices to veterans who have lost limbs in service. We offer prostheses that not only allow our patients to... Read More

How to Find Out if Your Insurance Will Pay for Prothesis

Our team is dedicated to helping patients obtain prostheses that will significantly improve their daily lives. We understand that getting a prosthesis is a considerable... Read More

We Sell Socks and Products for Amputees!

Something great just happened recently! A customer wanted to buy socks for her husband who is an amputee. She contacted various companies who were not... Read More

What to Do If Your Prosthesis Does Not Fit Properly

Our mission is to provide patients with prosthetics without pain, which means ensuring a comfortable, natural-feeling fit. Today’s prosthetics are better than ever and enable patients... Read More

5 Common Questions About Prosthetics

Getting a prosthetic device for the first time is a major change that will require time and effort on your part. We are here to guide you through... Read More

A touching patient story: Jack gets his arms!

If you have watched the story of Jack’s life so far (one of our patients at Georgia Prosthetics), then this will touch your heart…. Posted by... Read More

Wow!!! You don’t see this very often….

Nobody sees this type of case too much anymore…. An 84-year-old long time female patient came to the office the other day. She suffered a... Read More

Welcome to Georgia Prosthetics!

Welcome to Georgia Prosthetics! We invite you to learn more about our top quality prosthetics services. Feel free to call us at either of our locations (Atlanta... Read More