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What Should I do with My Old Prosthesis? Donate It?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Do you have a closet full of prosthetic limbs, and are wondering what you should do with them? Has a loved one passed that wore a prosthesis, and you are left wondering if there is anything you can do to help other amputees?

Many people simply throw away old prosthetic devices as if they were throwing away an old gallon of milk, which is unfortunate, because there are parts on these devices that can be used as replacement parts and help people out in a tremendous way!

How do we use old prosthetic limbs?

While some parts are old or of no value and are discarded, often times there are parts on older devices that can be used as replacement parts. In addition to helping people at our local prosthetics clinic in Atlanta, we also are involved with many charities and send replacement prosthetic parts oversees to places like Vietnam, Haiti, and Belize.

In fact, did you know that landmine explosions (left over from the Vietnam War) are still a major problem in the Vietnamese region? In fact, the Vietnamese government estimates that over 42,000 individuals have been killed or injured by landmines in the last 40 years, and over 16 million acres are still contaminated with landmines. (Source:

By donating old prosthetic devices to Georgia Prosthetics, you can help amputees in your own city, as well as all around the world get the prosthesis care and attention they desperately need. Whether it is a child in Vietnam who was a victim of a terrible accident, or a senior adult right here in Atlanta without the financial means to maintain their prosthesis, you can help.

Give us a call or contact us today to donate

We encourage amputees to keep at least one fully-functional backup prosthesis in case of an emergency. However, if you have additional prosthetic devices that you would like to donate, give us a call or contact us heretoday!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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