How a Prosthetic Device Can Improve Your Quality of Life


One of the first thoughts many people have when they learn they’re going to need an arm or leg amputated is, “My quality of life will never be the same.” In fact, some have gone as far as to think that their life is over. Whether you’ve lost a limb due to an accident or […]

Shaw Industries Employee Loses Limb in Accident, Shares His Inspirational Story


Shaw Industries uses high-tech, complicated machinery in daily operations. Jeff Lawson is an employee who worked for 5 years at Shaw Industries and received several promotions up through the ranks before he suffered an accident. His maintenance technical certificate helps him with his responsibility of keeping the machines running smoothly on a daily basis. Jeff’s […]

Georgia Prosthetics Reviews: What Are People Saying?


Maybe you’ve experienced this scenario at some point in life: You moved to a new home in a new geographic area, and you need to look for a new family doctor. Would you go the route of using reviews to make your decision to choose Doctor Joe versus Doctor Samantha? Would you try to research […]

Doing Yoga with a Prosthetic Leg: Keeping a Healthy Mind & Body

yoga with a prosthetic leg

As an amputee, you can still live a happy, rewarding, and purpose-filled life. But as longtime prosthetic professionals in the Atlanta area, we know it’s not always going to be easy. And sometimes it’s going to be hard. Very hard. But, if you have a can-do attitude, we know you’ll be amazed at how far […]

How to Adjust to Using a New Prosthetic Foot

using a new prosthetic foot

When you get a new prosthetic foot, it’s an exciting time — but you’ll need to make some adjustments in your everyday life to get the best use out of your artificial limb. Most people who lose a limb return to their normal mode of functioning in a few to several months. But the learning […]

What is the Best Prosthetic Leg for Golf?

picture of a Georgia Prosthetics patient with an artificial lower limb playing golf

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by many people. Amputees can love the game of golf just as much as anyone else, providing they have the right prosthesis. In this article we will talk a little bit about the best prosthetic leg for golf and some of its characteristics. Characteristics of the Best […]

Georgia Prosthetics Creates Prosthesis for NEW TV Shows!


Georgia Prosthetics recently had a GREAT opportunity that we would like to share with you! Our team of professionals at Georgia Prosthetics provided prosthesis for the #1 TV show The Walking Dead, as well as the NEW hit show Red Band Society. Prosthetics in Fiction Movies and TV Shows Prosthetics play a very important role […]

What is Phantom Limb Pain? What Causes It?

Dan Zenas with a patient who has an artificial lower limb

One of the most frustrating situations an amputee will face after losing a limb is that of phantom limb pain. It is a very odd sensation– you feel that your missing limb is still attached to your body and moving appropriately. While some patients of Georgia Prosthetics report this as simply a sensation, others report […]