Experiencing Prosthetic Leg Pain? What to Do if it Hurts

prosthetic leg pain and discomfort

Have you been fitted for a prosthetic leg and are experiencing pain in or around the area of your prosthesis? In this article we are going to examine a few of the reasons you may be experiencing pain in your prosthesis, and what you can do about it. 1. The prosthesis doesn’t fit properly and […]

Is Learning to Use a Prosthesis Difficult?

Georgia Prosthetics with amputee patient

One of the questions we frequently hear from new patients, or potential new patients goes something like this: “Will I have difficulty learning to use a prosthetic device?” First and foremost, every patient is different, and every amputation is different. So, there is no one universal answer to this question. However, one of the most […]

Helping a Friend or Family Member with their New Prosthesis

Dan Zenas with a patient at Georgia Prosthetics

Often times patients with new prostheses rely on friends and family both physically and emotionally. This emotional rehabilitation is just as, if not more, important than physical rehabilitation. Many people judge their circumstances based on the feelings and words of those around them. Georgia Prosthetics is dedicated to provide the most supportive environment for every […]

Georgia Prosthetics Patients Sporting our New Company Caps!

Georgia Prosthetic patients with caps

At Georgia Prosthetics, we just ordered new company caps, and have been giving them out to some of our great patients. Below are a couple of our patients wearing our new company caps. Combining Personal Service with State-of-the-Art Technology If you are in need of a prosthesis, and want to be treated like a real […]

Can You Drive with a Prosthetic Leg or Foot?

driving with a prosthesis

At Georgia Prosthetics (located in Atlanta, Ga.) one of the most common questions we receive from new patients is “can I drive with my new prosthetic device?” After all, maintaining your independence as much as possible is one of the primary psychological motivators for the vast majority of amputees. In truth, there is not an […]

Do You Really Need a “State-of-the-Art” Prosthesis?

picture of propio prosthetic foot

Let’s face it; state-of-the-art is a catchy, sexy phrase. Many people want their possessions to be “state-of-the-art” as they feel it gives them some kind of advantage. It may be the biggest, highest-resolution television on the market, or a brand new set of custom-fitted golf clubs. Whatever the case may be, state-of-the-art has made its […]

What Should I do with My Old Prosthesis? Donate It?

donate your prosthetic

Do you have a closet full of prosthetic limbs, and are wondering what you should do with them? Has a loved one passed that wore a prosthesis, and you are left wondering if there is anything you can do to help other amputees? Many people simply throw away old prosthetic devices as if they were […]

Personal Service from Georgia Prosthetics: We Spend Time With You!

picture of Cindy Zenas of Georgia Prosthetics welcoming a patient

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s at the doctor, dentist, eye doctor, or prosthetics clinic we’ve all been to a healthcare provider that treated us like a number, as opposed to a real patient. At Georgia Prosthetics, we realize that you are much more than just a number. There is a reason you are here, […]

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get My Prosthesis?

waiting for prosthesis

Whether you have already had your amputation, or have it scheduled in the near future, one of the main questions we receive at Georgia Prosthetics is, “How long do I have to wait after my surgery to receive my prosthesis?” In this brief article, we are going to go over a few of the points […]