Quality, Pain-free Prosthetics for the Upper Extremities

customer-serviceAt Georgia Prosthetics, we use the most technologically advanced prosthetic arms, hands, and partial hands to enable our patients to lead active, normal lives. The devices we provide give our patients freedom, independence, and confidence. Here are some of the prosthetics we offer.

Types of Prosthetics for Arms, Elbows, and Hands

Utah Arm

utah-armThe U3 Arm and U3+ Arm are prosthetics that enable patients to simultaneously control the arm, wrist, and hand. Utah Arms bend at the elbow and swing when the user walks, similar to a natural elbow.

They can work with a wide range of prosthetic hands in order to best meet the user’s needs. Utah Arms are among the very best options for amputees who desire a highly functional, realistic prosthesis to replace a missing arm.

i-Limb™ Hand

i-limbThe i-Limb hand is an incredibly realistic prosthesis that functions very similarly to a natural hand. The i-Limb uses biosim software, enabling the user to bend the fingers, grasp objects, type, tie shoes, and rest the hand in a natural-looking position. It is also the only prosthetic hand that enables the user to gradually increase the strength of the grip.

i-Limb users don’t have to worry about dropping objects or having an unrealistically positioned hand because the prosthesis is intuitive. This bionic hand is the most advanced prosthesis available, and we’re proud to provide it to our patients.


Conventional upper extremity prosthetics rely on the user performing a motion to trigger a cable and harness, which moves the arm, elbow, and/or hand. People who choose this type of prosthesis often do so because it is lighter, more durable, and typically less expensive.

Silicone Partial Hands

For patients who are most interested in improving the appearance of the hand, silicone partial hands are often the best choice. Partial hands or fingers can be custom-created to match the skin tone for a very natural-looking finish. Patients can even choose to have details such as freckles added to the prosthesis.

Having a high quality upper extremity prosthesis can significantly improve your quality of life, enabling you to perform regular tasks independently and live an active lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of pain-free prosthetic devices to best meet our patients’ needs. We encourage you to talk with us to learn about all your options.