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Georgia Prosthetics Creates Prosthesis for NEW TV Shows!

By Georgia Prosthetics

Georgia Prosthetics recently had a GREAT opportunity that we would like to share with you!

Our team of professionals at Georgia Prosthetics provided prosthesis for the #1 TV show The Walking Dead, as well as the NEW hit show Red Band Society.

Prosthetics in Fiction Movies and TV Shows

Prosthetics play a very important role when it comes to certain fictitious movies and TV shows. They help create the character’s role and help emphasize the plot line. Some plot lines involve the complete visual transformation of an actor in an attempt to captivate audiences (as you will see in these 2 hit TV shows).

Many actors and actresses use some form of prosthesis some time throughout their acting careers, especially those who have acting roles in science fiction films or shows.

Our team of professionals at Georgia Prosthetics were honored and delighted to play an important part in the behind-the-scenes activities of 2 hit TV shows. They were both very fun experiences. We succeeded through a few challenging projects to create the outcomes you will see as you watch the shows.

We would love for you to see some of our work…we invite you to check out the shows when you have some time!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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