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Real Patient Stories


“Here’s a picture of the mask my daughter made me to match my sockets from Georgia Prosthetics.”
-Mike W.




“I am a bk amputee that has struggled for the past 10 years to get where I am today.
I jumped ship from one of the major Prosthetic establishments roughly 4 years ago with great appreciation.
Whoever reads this knows the pain and suffering that comes with a fitting that never gets right. I don’t typically endorse or promote anyone but feel that whom ever has experienced the horrific life of trying to adapt to a leg that only causes regret and frustration, stop now, give these guys a chance. You only have one thing to gain.., life, pain free.
It was so hard for me to make that decision to try another avenue. And just the decision to try someone different I found was the hardest.
Believe it or not they are just a crew of 3 however treat every person as if they were their only client.
No B.S. if you want to speak to me personally or see photos or even meet me to see what this trifecta has done for me, call them and I’ll give you my personal contact info to show you The Real Deal.
Stop suffering and make the most important decision of your life.”
– John Wesley Newton



“The team at Georgia Prosthetics are great to work with. I’m an AK amputee for over 40 years and try to remain active. Dan and Ryan are always there when something goes wrong. Usually they are able to get me in to fix any problems I have the same day. That’s a big relief knowing they are there for you when you need them. They stay up to date with the new advances in technology which in today’s world is very important. When you rely on your prosthetic device as much as I do, it’s vital to have someone like Dan and Ryan to support you. Can’t leave out Cindy, she makes the whole insurance process very easy. Thanks for all you do!”
– Randy Brehm



“I’m a long-time AK amputee who has had long periods of not being able to walk because many of my prostheses have been so ill-fitting. When I had just about given up on ever being able to use a prosthesis consistently again, I found Dan Zenas at Georgia Prosthetics. He was very patient about explaining alternatives and coming up with a plan to get me walking, especially since I had become my mother’s full-time caregiver at that point and needed reliable mobility to help her. Dan and his staff did meticulous re-measurements and built a new leg for me that was perfect the day I picked it up, with no need for a single readjustment, and I could not be more thrilled with it. In fact, I refer to it as my Zenas Miracle Leg. Cindy handled all the billing bureaucracy quickly and professionally, which was another major load off my mind. Their office is very convenient with no parking or physical access problems. I highly recommend Georgia Prosthetics for its professionalism, technical expertise, and personalized care.”
– Susan



“I have been a patient at Georgia Prosthetics for approximately 12 years. During that time I have come to know them as very knowledgeable professionals with a high level of compassion who listen to my needs in fitting and adjusting my prostheses. If I have a unique problem, they always seem to have a unique solution. I especially like the fact that I’m not put into a “waiting room”; I’m sitting in the workshop participating in the process.
They’re simply a nice group of people whose top priority is providing the patient with the best fitting prosthesis possible and not giving up until that goal is accomplished.
But for the efforts of Georgia Prosthetics, my quality of life would not be what it is today.”
– Gary P.



I would like to express my gratitude to Dan and his awesome staff for everything they’ve done for me in the past several months. They have made my transition to a prosthetic leg as painless and worry-free as possible. They have treated me like a part of their family on each and every visit. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who had to go through the same things I’ve been through. My experience with Dan and his staff has drastically improved my life.
– Michael M. – Cartersville, GA



“Thank you! Dan, Ryan and Cindy, you were spectacular! Thank you so much for doing an on-the-spot repair on my sons myo electric hand. Quite a puzzle, but Dan and Ryan worked through it and got me out in a about an hour. Amazing! I am so glad I found you and definitely will be back. Thank you!”
-Jeff Smith



“I have been a BK (Symes) amputee for over 49 years and have had several legs over that time. After relocating to west Georgia in the 1990s, I was referred to Dan and he built me a “perfect” leg, with a minimum of visits.
Currently, needing a replacement, I’ve been working several months with a national company. Failing to get a functional leg, I returned to Dan who went out of his way to adjust his appointments to accommodate my travel from Alabama. Dan took time to discuss components and configuration. I am a retired engineering and manufacturing executive. Dan impresses me with his analysis and control of the all the variables and parameters in his production process. He introduced alignment techniques that I have not seen since our last encounter.
Georgia Prosthetics is a super clean, well tooled facility with knowledgeable, expert craftsmen. Cindy went out of her way to make sure my stay was comfortable.”
-Dave Jones



“After dealing with non-healing diabetic foot ulcers for ten years – repeated surgeries, rehabbing, ceaseless pain, any number of ugly, clumsy boots – when gangrene set in in August 2014, I made the difficult decision to have a below-the-knee amputation. But I have not regretted it, not for one day, in large part due to the good, talented and caring people at Georgia Prosthetics.
From the first exploratory phone call, Cindy, Ryan and Dan have been amazingly helpful and have given me back my life. Cindy answered all of my questions about insurance, billing, scheduling and any number of other details. Ryan and Dan fitted and crafted for me a remarkably comfortable prosthesis and Dan worked miracles in teaching me how to walk again. And without pain. The few, expected visits to tweak and fine-tune the fit and adjust the foot have been quick, easy, hassle-free and left me more comfortable and walking more easily than I had been.
I’m proud of my new leg and so have it customized to show it off, but in long pants, no one would suspect that I’m a peg-legged Pete. My friends at Georgia Prosthetics have made possible an absolutely normal life. I can never thank them enough.”
-Tim Banks



“I love my new prosthesis. The fit is perfect and there was no break in period needed. I had expected to swap back and forth with the old one as I adjusted to the new prosthesis but that wasn’t necessary. I haven’t needed to swap it once. Walking up and down ramps and woods is so easy now. I went kayaking with my son and had to walk up a steep ramp at the take out point and it was no problem at all. Usually I would have had to stop and rest and least 3 times but I just kept on trucking and it was easy.
Thanks to Dan and all of you for working with me and my crazy daisy schedule. I had thought I would be getting more business in Atlanta which would have kept me in and out more often but that didn’t happen. I am very appreciative of what was accomplished. Thanks gang!”