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Meet “Maggie”


Meet MaggieWe have a new team member, Maggie, a German Shepherd mix puppy. We have had her just over a month (March 2023), and she is nearly 5 months old. Her birthday is estimated to be October 10, 2022.

We found her at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter where she was picked up at approximately 3 months old. Mitchell, the bull dog mix, will be 11 years old this spring, and we decided to get a young dog he can help raise and train. He was not too fond of her for the first couple weeks; he does not like to share his people or his space, but they are getting along well now and play with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

We did the DNA test on Maggie, and got the results back recently. While there are 12 breeds identified, most are very small percentages including 2% of both St. Bernard and Chihuahua. The top 3 make up nearly 75% of her DNA and they are 31% Boxer (she looks nothing like a boxer!), 29% German Shepherd, and 13% Belgian Malinois. It is funny that she and Mitchell both have such similar coloring while not being related at all except by adoption.

While Mitchell is stand-offish with people he doesn’t know, Maggie loves everybody she meets and is very affectionate. She knows her name, and we joke that her middle name is “No” because we so often have to say, “Maggie, No.” She is learning the commands of “sit” and “come” and is pretty good with “drop” which we use often because she likes to take off with a shoe if she can get access to one.

Welcome to the team, Maggie!