Prosthetic Feet


At Georgia Prosthetics, we provide top-of-the-line prosthetic feet to help our patients live their lives to the fullest and gain the freedom to participate in the activities they love.

We offer a wide range of pain-free prosthetic products that utilize the most advanced technology to help our patients become truly limitless.


Types of Pain-free Prosthetic Feet

Flex-Foot® Feet

We offer all models of Flex-Foot Feet, prosthetic feet that are designed to suit the various needs of amputees. There are prosthetics for people of all activity levels, from those who simply want to walk to those who participate in high level sports.

Several amputee athletes use Flex-Foot Cheetah® blades, which are designed for sprinting. Flex-Foot prosthetics are designed for patients of all ages. Regardless of your activity level, there is a Flex-Foot that could be perfect for you, and we want to help you find it.

Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations is the maker of more than two dozen models of prosthetic feet, making it easy to find one that will best suit a patient’s needs. Designs range from prosthetics used for daily activities to those used in sports.

These products can also be created for specific body types, such as patients who have longer residual limbs or very young patients. There are also prosthetics designed specifically for use when skiing, swimming, and heavy lifting.

Proprio Foot® Microprocessor

The Proprio Foot is a foot and ankle system designed to enable below-knee amputees to walk on various terrains and climb stairs with confidence. This system is appropriate for typical day-to-day activities, rather than athletics or high-impact activities. Proprio Foot works like a natural ankle, making it easy and comfortable to complete natural movements.

We are committed to helping our patients find the ideal prosthetic foot or feet to improve their quality of life and enable them to be as active as they choose. We provide only the best products in our office, and it is important to our trained clinicians that we take the time to find the best possible solution for our patients.

If you are preparing to get your first prosthesis, or if you are looking to replace an old one, we want to find the right one for you.