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American FlagGeorgia Prosthetics was founded in 1964 and has proudly been serving veterans since the Vietnam War. War veterans visit Georgia Prosthetics regularly because prostheses naturally wear out over time, requiring maintenance and periodic replacement. Many veterans recognize each other from visiting our facility over the years- some were in the hospital together. Some of our veterans actually met while in the hospital here in Atlanta, or in Augusta.
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We warmly welcome veterans who have served our country!

The photo to the right is the Freedom Award. Georgia Prosthetics has received it each of the last few years for the work and services provided for veterans.

Why Trust Georgia Prosthetics?

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We take precise measurements and extreme care with each prosthetic to ensure a comfortable and customized fit for each individual.

The photo of this prosthesis is of a running leg we are in the process of making for a veteran who stepped on an IED in Afghanistan.

The socket on this prosthetic (pictured) is clear for diagnositic fitting purposes. It is not the finished product; we are in the process of checking the fit and alignment (the angle of the socket over the foot). The height of a prosthesis also needs to be verified because people run on their toes, so the prosthesis needs to be longer than if it was made for walking. This is even more tricky because the spring of the foot compresses so much. After all components have been checked and confirmed, we then fabricate the definitive version for the veteran.