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While we adopted and rescued Dusty, Mitchell rescued and adopted us. We were camping at Lake Lanier the week after Memorial Day 2012. It was after dinner on Tuesday and the campground was largely empty after the holiday weekend. Our teenage daughter, Hannah, was doing the dishes at the picnic table and I was putting Dusty’s leash on for an after-dinner walk when this stocky, little black and tan puppy came running up to Dusty.

We don’t know where he came from. He had no collar and we think he was about 6 weeks old. Hannah came and picked him up and we went to the few campers we could find to ask if anyone had lost a puppy. No one had. We went to the camper host and he said he had never seen the puppy before, but dogs in the campground were supposed to have on collars and be on a leash. He informed us that a new family had just checked in and he went to see if it was their puppy.

While he was not their puppy, they said that a lady had driven by just a little while ago asking them if they wanted a puppy. So we are quite sure he was abandoned in the campground. He stayed with us the rest of the week, slept in our beds in the camper, and I wove a collar from him out of clothes line. Like Dusty, he never left either!