Options for Prosthetic Knees

kneeKnees truly take a beating during daily life; the movements required to stand, sit, run, walk, or kneel down all require a strong, durable knee. This is especially true for people with prosthetic knees. Georgia Prosthetics provides patients with resilient knees that are able to withstand the day-to-day, as well as high levels of activity.

Types of Pain-free Prosthetic Knees from Our Atlanta Office

C-Leg® Microprocessor

The C-Leg was the first microprocessor-controlled knee and is the most popular of its kind. It is designed to give users the ability to walk and run, bike, climb stairs, and stand for long periods of time.

The C-Leg contains sensors that send feedback 50 times each second and make adjustments exactly when you need them. Whatever your plans for the day, the C-Leg can provide you with the support and movement you need for an active lifestyle.

Rheo® Microprocessor

rheo-kneeThe Rheo knee is an intuitive prosthesis that adapts to your individual gait and the environments you walk in. As you use the Rheo, it learns about your lifestyle in order to serve you as efficiently as possible.

People who use the Rheo benefit from a prosthesis that can prevent falls and adapt to new surroundings. In addition, the Rheo is useful for many patients because it can be used with a wide range of prosthetic feet.

Hydraulic Systems

hydraulic-kneeHydraulic prosthetic knee systems use fluid to provide the ideal amount of resistance while walking. The major benefit of using a hydraulic system is that it makes the knee perform almost exactly like a natural knee. It is more effective than its counterpart, a pneumatic system, which uses air.

For amputees who want a reliable and highly effective prosthesis, and especially for those who are very active, a hydraulic system is most likely the ideal choice. We are proud to provide our patients with hydraulic prosthetic systems.

The knee is the most complex prosthetic device and has the potential to completely transform your daily life. If you are using a prosthetic knee, especially if you are active, we want you to be able to take advantage of the most advanced technology available. We provide the best possible prosthetic knees for our patients.