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Arm Prosthetics, Elbow prosthetics, and Hand prosthetics

At Georgia Prosthetics, we use the most technologically advanced prosthetic arms, hands, and partial hands to enable our patients to lead active lives. The devices we provide give our patients freedom, independence, and confidence. Our caring, professional clinicians take the time to understand what you need and then we design and create the most comfortable prosthetic made especially for you.

To further serve you, our team has been trained and certified on Otto Bock’s Myo Plus. This is a new pattern recognition control system for myoelectric upper extremity prostheses. We’re proud to be the first in the state to receive and offer this service!

Take a look at some of the prosthetics we offer.

Utah Arm

The U3 Arm and U3+ Arm are prosthetics that enable patients to simultaneously control the arm, wrist, and hand. Utah Arms bend at the elbow and swing when the user walks, similar to a natural elbow.

They can work with a wide range of prosthetic hands in order to best meet the user’s needs. Utah Arms are among the very best options for amputees who desire a highly functional, realistic prosthesis (a popular type of arm prosthetics) to replace a missing arm.



UTAH ARM U3+ upper extremity prosthesis from MOTION CONTROL


The Michelangelo prosthetic hand features a highly natural design that’s built on incredible technology.

This popular type of arm prosthetics will give you more ways to move your hand and make all sorts of everyday tasks easier and more natural. Imagine being able to grasp and hold objects with greater control—and less effort.



Dale’s New Normal: The Michelangelo Hand | Ottobock


Andrew’s Michelangelo Hand story | Ottobock


Why choose the Michelangelo hand?


If you do detailed handiwork or handle heavy objects, you need a prosthetic hand with a sensitive response, a strong grip, and quick gripping speed. The System Electric Greifer DMC Plus is ideally suited to meet those needs for finger prostheses. With a grip force that automatically adjusts to your muscle signals, and a gripping speed ranging from 8 to 180 millimeters per second, virtually natural gripping is possible. And because the Greifer can be controlled in the same way as a system electric hand, learning to use it is easy.



Electric Greifer – Tutorial: different functions | Ottobock


TASKA® is a revolutionary, industry changing multi-articulating hand. The robust features, combined with its water-resistance (submersible), allows the user to simply do more.

As a multi-articulating hand, 23 grip patterns are available. These grip patterns can be changed by EMG (muscle) triggers or more easily by simply pushing one of the buttons on the back of the hand. iOS and Android Apps are available to the patient to customize the availability of the grip patterns at any time.


TASKA Prosthetics

TASKA Prosthetics


TASKA Prosthetics | Gavin Wilson


TASKA Prosthetics | Rik Walker, bionic dad!

TASKA® Prosthetic Hand with CoApt Pattern Recognition System

TASKA® Prosthetic Hand with CoApt Pattern Recognition System

Naked Prosthetics Finger Prostheses

Naked Prosthetics manufactures durable, custom, functional finger prostheses specifically for partial hand amputation. Our mission is to support people with finger amputation and to positively impact their lives by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses. Our devices aim to restore the user’s ability to perform daily tasks; supporting job retention and encouraging an active lifestyle.



This is Naked Prothetics

Coapt Pattern Recognition System

Just like fingerprints or the iris of an eye, coordinated muscle signals are unique patterns of bio-metric information. Each arm movement attempt produces a different pattern of muscle activity. Coapt’s pattern recognition system decodes these signal patterns in real time, giving users complete control of their prostheses.


What’s new with Coapt Gen2®

TASKA® Prosthetic Hand with CoApt Pattern Recognition System

TASKA® Prosthetic Hand with CoApt Pattern Recognition System

V2P Body Powered Hook

ToughWare’s Vari-Pinch Prehensor™, or V2P™, is a new state-of-the-art body-powered (BP) voluntary opening (VO) terminal device (TD) that gives users unparalleled grasp stability and versatility. Adjustable pinch force puts the user in the driver’s seat by matching their grip to the task at hand and conserving physical exertion whenever possible. Lower cable tension improves dexterity, helps prevent sound-side overuse injuries, and reduces wear-and-tear on both the body and equipment. These features are particularly beneficial for bilateral amputees and those who are weakened or otherwise compromised.



Conventional upper extremity prosthetics rely on the user performing a motion to trigger a cable and harness, which moves the arm, elbow, and/or hand. People who choose this type of prosthesis often do so because it is lighter, more durable, and typically less expensive.

Silicone Partial Hands

For patients who are most interested in improving the appearance of the hand, silicone partial hands are often the best choice. Partial hands or fingers can be custom-created to match the skin tone for a very natural-looking finish. Patients can even choose to have details such as freckles added to the prosthesis.

Having a high quality upper extremity prosthesis can significantly improve your quality of life and enable you to perform regular tasks independently and live an active lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of pain-free prosthetic devices to best meet the needs of our patients. We encourage you to talk with us to learn about all your options.