Customized, Comfortable Sockets

socketA socket is used to connect the prosthesis to the residual limb. In order for the prosthesis to fit and function properly, its socket must be perfectly designed and fitted specifically for the individual.

At Georgia Prosthetics, we do everything possible to ensure your prosthesis fits comfortably and will work well long-term.

We place great importance on making sure not only is the prosthesis high quality, but the socket is suitable as well. In order to make sure the prosthesis fits properly, we use quality materials based on the latest socket technology.

Types & Options of Pain-free Prosthetic Sockets

Anatomically Customized

gap_pics_kevin_203We want each prosthesis to fit as perfectly as possible, which is why we use sockets that are customized for the patient’s body. A well-made, well-fit socket and liner reduces painful friction, ensures that the prosthesis stays in place, and provides peace of mind and confidence in the prosthesis.

Locking Pin Suspension

A locking pin suspension is a good way to make sure the socket stays put the entire time the patient is wearing the prosthesis. This mechanism makes it easier to put the prosthesis on and then take it off. A pin connects a gel liner, which is attached to the residual limb, with a lock located on the socket. The patient is easily able to push a button to release the pin and disconnect the prosthesis.

Seal-in Liner With Suction

A seal-in liner simplifies the process of putting on the prosthesis. The liner creates a strong, airtight seal between the liner and the socket, resulting in a perfect fit with staying power. A seal-in liner also makes it easy to take the prosthesis off; patients simply need to press a button to break the seal.

Custom Laminations

The technology has advanced incredibly in the past few years so that we can now offer custom laminations for prostheses. Ask us about all of the options available to you.

Custom Vacuum Socket

A vacuum socket uses a pump to remove air from the socket, creating a seal between the socket and the prosthesis. When using a vacuum socket, patients enjoy a better fit and less likelihood of uncomfortable friction or other uncomfortable problems.

As you can see, there are multiple forms of sockets available. During your appointment, Georgia Prosthetics clinicians will work with you to determine which form will work best for you and your lifestyle.