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Georgia Prosthetics Reviews: What Are People Saying?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Maybe you’ve experienced this scenario at some point in life:

You moved to a new home in a new geographic area, and you need to look for a new family doctor. Would you go the route of using reviews to make your decision to choose Doctor Joe versus Doctor Samantha? Would you try to research online reviews to see what other patients feel or think about your potential new doctor?

You most likely would.

This decision-making process is similar for amputee patients who are choosing an experienced prosthetist for custom fit prosthetics. Well, you’ll be happy to know that we created this blog post just for you, especially for amputee patients who live in or near Atlanta, GA. You’ll also be happy to know that Dan Zenas, the owner and founder of Georgia Prosthetics, is the first prosthetist licensed in the state of Georgia.

Are you ready to learn about what our patients are saying about Georgia Prosthetics? Please keep reading!

A few patient testimonials from our patients

Thank you! Dan, Ryan and Cindy, you were spectacular! Thank you so much for doing an on-the-spot repair on my son’s myo electric hand. Quite a puzzle, but Dan and Ryan worked through it and got me out in a about an hour. Amazing! I am so glad I found you and definitely will be back. Thank you!” — Jeff Smith

I would like to express my gratitude to Dan and his awesome staff for everything they’ve done for me in the past several months. They have made my transition to a prosthetic leg as painless and worry-free as possible. They have treated me like a part of their family on each and every visit. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who had to go through the same things I’ve been through. My experience with Dan and his staff has drastically improved my life.” — Michael M. – Cartersville, GA

I’m a long-time AK amputee who has had long periods of not being able to walk because many of my prostheses have been so ill-fitting. When I had just about given up on ever being able to use a prosthesis consistently again, I found Dan Zenas at Georgia Prosthetics. He was very patient about explaining alternatives and coming up with a plan to get me walking, especially since I had become my mother’s full-time caregiver at that point and needed reliable mobility to help her. Dan and his staff did meticulous re-measurements and built a new leg for me that was perfect the day I picked it up, with no need for a single readjustment, and I could not be more thrilled with it. In fact, I refer to it as my Zenas Miracle Leg. Cindy handled all the billing bureaucracy quickly and professionally, which was another major load off my mind. Their office is very convenient with no parking or physical access problems. I highly recommend Georgia Prosthetics for its professionalism, technical expertise, and personalized care.” — Susan

We also received three 5-star reviews on our Facebook page

Why should you care about testimonials from real patients?


Simply put: testimonials are very important nowadays.

Consider this: You’re faced with the decision to choose which model, brand name, etc is the best so you can finally purchase the brand new set of major kitchen appliances (stove, dishwasher, microwave, fridge) you’ve always dreamed about.

Would you spend over $10,000 without at least reading product reviews online?

Consider the consequences of NOT reading product reviews for kitchen appliances. You could be stuck with unsatisfactory products that have caused a lot of headaches for other people…headaches which you can avoid for yourself by reading reviews and learning from other people’s experiences.

While you cannot base your decision solely on what another person says, customer reviews can help you make a decision. You learn the pros and cons of a certain product or service.

Statistics prove the importance of online reviews

Consider a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association….

“23% of US adults consulted online reviews when picking a doctor.”
“19% said online ratings were very important when choosing a doctor.”

The Georgia Prosthetics professionals always strive for greater heights. In addition to providing excellent prosthetics and care to our patients (to promote positive patient reviews!), we strive to do our very best in the community, as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know we’ve made it to the big screen—or at least our prosthetics did!

That’s right—our team of professionals at Georgia Prosthetics provided prosthesis for the #1 TV show The Walking Dead, as well as the NEW hit show Red Band Society. Our professionals at Georgia Prosthetics were honored and delighted to play an important part in the behind-the-scenes activities of 2 hit TV shows.

You can read more about this awesome experience here:

As you can see, we care very much about what we do. You can count on the professionals at Georgia Prosthetics to create customized prostheses to suit your lifestyle.

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