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Prosthesis Not Fitting Right? You May Need a 2nd Opinion

By Georgia Prosthetics

Prosthetics are a beautiful artificial enhancement that allows patients with loss of limbs to move and function normally. They have given mobility and freedom to thousands of patients around the world and helped some of the most successful people reach their full potential.

Whether you have a new prosthesis or an old prosthesis, it is important that it fits right.

Having a poorly fitted prosthesis can cause pain around the rest of your body, keep you off balance, and be difficult to manage over time. Most importantly, it isn’t something you should have to deal with.

Here at Georgia Prosthetics in Atlanta, GA, we take great pride in our work to ensure patients have a prosthesis with a perfect fit. We are committed to providing top of the line care to our patients and give them every tool possible to succeed in following their biggest dreams.

Getting a prosthesis is an investment that impacts your life on a daily basis, so our experienced team wants to do everything possible to help you get the right fit. If you have a prosthesis that will not fit properly, then it might be time to get a second opinion to ensure you have the right practitioner.


The importance of having a prosthesis that fits right

There are many reasons why your prosthesis should fit exactly to you. Bad fits can cause skin breakdown around the prosthesis area, painful blisters and ulcers , throw off balance, and create issues in other areas of the body that cause pain and irritation.

No patient should have to undergo any of these effects due to their prosthesis. While many painful issues can be caused through an ill-fitting prosthesis, even more benefits are created through a perfect fit.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the importance of having a prosthesis that fits right is with an actual testimonial from one of our patients:

“I love my new prosthesis. The fit is perfect and there was no break in period needed. I had expected to swap back and forth with the old one as I adjusted to the new prosthesis but that wasn’t necessary. I haven’t needed to swap it once. Walking up and down ramps and woods is so easy now. I went kayaking with my son and had to walk up a steep ramp at the take out point and it was no problem at all. Usually I would have had to stop and rest at least 3 times, but I just kept on trucking and it was easy.”

As you can see, a prosthesis that fits can make an immediate difference and improvement in your life. It simply isn’t worth ignoring the issue!

Where should I look for a second opinion?


If you are looking to get a 2nd opinion, here are a few things you should look for in a prosthetist:

  • Great testimonials from other patients.

  • The appropriate licensing.

  • Lots of experience – For instance, Dan Zenas was the first prosthetist licensed in the state of Georgia and has been helping patients for over 20 years.

  • A friendly team that listens to your needs and concerns.

  • The ability and knowledge to offer different solutions. One prosthesis does not fit all!

One place that meets all those criteria is Georgia Prosthetics. Located in Atlanta, GA, our intimate office has been helping people live fulfilling lives with a prosthesis for decades. We are fully committed to providing personalized service that allows patients to feel like more than just a number.

Our team listens intently to individual patient needs and concerns. Our highly trained specialists handcraft your prosthesis on-site, with your help and input. These are just a few of the reasons why Georgia Prosthetics is here for you!

If you have any personal prosthetic needs or concerns or if your prosthesis just won’t fit properly, then feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment to get a 2nd opinion. We would love to help!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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