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Do feel like you’re walking on the inside or outside edge of your foot? You may have an alignment problem.

By Georgia Prosthetics

If you find that you’re constantly walking on the inside or outside edge of your foot, it could be the result of an alignment problem. We find this is a common issue with amputees; after receiving your prosthesis, your body can easily get thrown out of balance.

This can occur because you start to favor one foot over the other, a prosthesis that doesn’t fit properly, or because your body has settled more than expected.

We strongly believe that your prosthetic should be pain-free and our goal is to help you become truly limitless. Alignment issues can make life difficult, but don’t worry, there is a solution!

Why is an alignment problem a problem?

Your feet are the foundation of the rest of your body. If they are not aligned properly, it can throw the rest of your body off balance, creating pain and soreness throughout your legs, back, and shoulders.

Not only can it create muscle soreness, but it can cause spinal problems that restrict movement. The pain or restricted movement might seem minor in the beginning, but the longer it persists, the worse it can get.

That means the sooner you recognize an alignment problem, the easier it can be to solve. Not only that, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain you don’t need to experience.

How to recognize if you have an alignment problem

  • There are a few ways to recognize that you have an alignment problem:

  • Walking on the inside or outside edge of your foot

  • Soreness in your foot, legs, or back

  • Does one leg feel longer than the other while standing still?

  • You’ve noticed a reduction in your range of motion

  • Have a look in the mirror…does everything seem balanced and level?

How to fix your alignment problem


There are certain things you can do to help your alignment at home. Yoga, for instance, helps train your body and makes you more aware of alignment issues.

The best way to solve an alignment issue, however, is to visit us at Georgia Prosthetics. We take a dynamic, innovative approach. We listen to your concerns and seek to understand what’s going on, and we use the latest technology to ensure we get things perfectly aligned.

Here is how one patient, David Jones, described his experience:

“Dan impresses me with his analysis and control of all the variables and parameters in his production process. He introduced alignment techniques that I have not seen since our last encounter. Georgia Prosthetics is a super clean, well-tooled facility with knowledgeable, expert craftsmen.”

If you’re an amputee and believe you have an alignment problem, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You’ll discover the Georgia Prosthetics difference, and most importantly, we’ll help ensure your body stays aligned. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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