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Will it be Comfortable to Walk With a New Artificial Leg?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Many amputees worry about whether their new artificial legs will be comfortable, especially when they try to walk. However, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a prosthetic is to make life easier and more comfortable. The team at Georgia Prosthetics believes that each patient can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, easy to use prosthetic limb.

Getting Used to a Prosthetic Leg

Learning to use a prosthetic limb takes time, energy, and patience. Your leg may feel uncomfortable simply because you are not used to it. Bear in mind that ultimately, you will be able to use your leg efficiently and comfortably.

How Can I Make My Prosthetic Leg More Comfortable?


customized laminated prosthetic by Georgia Prosthetics

No matter how advanced your prosthetic is, if it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it enough to benefit from everything it is capable of. At Georgia Prosthetics, patients have access to a team of professionals who understand the struggles amputees can face and work to alleviate them. There are many ways amputees can make their prosthetics legs more comfortable.

  • Trying a different socket or liner can make a world of difference for patients with prosthetic legs. It’s important to remember that the residual limb can grow or shrink for many different reasons, thus changing the fit of the prosthesis. Making a simple adjustment with a liner can make the prosthesis much more comfortable.

  • Be sure to keep your prosthetic limb, socket, and liner clean and dry to prevent painful friction and skin irritation.

  • Making adjustments to your prosthetic limb can make it much more comfortable. However, you should never try to adjust your prosthesis on your own, as you could cause expensive, irreparable damage. Instead, if you find that your new leg is uncomfortable, schedule an appointment to have a professional adjust it for you.

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Georgia Prosthetics is dedicated to helping patients select high-quality prosthetic limbs that meet their needs without sacrificing comfort. With the right prosthetics and the right adjustments, patients can truly enjoy the independence and mobility afforded to them by their artificial limbs. Give us a call today, or contact us here on our website and we will get back to you shortly.

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