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How Long Will a Prosthesis Last?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Because a prosthesis is a significant investment, patients naturally want theirs to last as long as possible. A well-made prosthesis can last anywhere from a few months to a few years; three years is about average. However, the lifespan of a prosthesis will depend on several factors, and it varies for each patient.

How Long Will My Prosthesis Last?

How Long Will My Prosthesis Last?

What Affects How Long a Prosthesis Will Last?

  • How well the user takes care of the prosthesis will have a significant impact on how long it lasts.

  • Certain prostheses may become worn out faster due to heavy use. For example, a prosthesis used for athletics may need to be replaced sooner than a prosthesis that is only used for basic tasks.

  • Patients may find that their needs change over time, and therefore may need to select a different prosthesis.

  • In some patients, the residual limb may change size after amputation, which could mean replacing the prosthesis if it no longer fits properly.

  • Of course, young patients may outgrow their prostheses over time. Children and teenagers who use prostheses may need several replacements before they reach adulthood.

How to Maintain Your Prosthesis

Patients of Georgia Prosthetics can often make their prostheses last several years with good care. Here are a few tips for maintaining your prosthesis.

  • Keep your prosthesis and all related accessories as clean as possible. Hygiene is extremely important in keeping a prosthetic in good shape.

  • Never attempt to adjust your prosthesis on your own. Contact Georgia Prosthetics to have it adjusted by a professional prosthetist and avoid expensive damages.

  • Follow any instructions you are given in regards to showering, sleeping, and other activities. For example, some prosthetics can be worn in the shower while others cannot. These instructions are provided to keep the prosthesis in good working order.


With good care, patients can extend the lives of their prosthetics and enjoy the highest level of functionality. For more information about finding the right prosthesis or keeping a prosthesis in good shape, contact Georgia Prosthetics.

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