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Prosthetic Options for Upper Extremity Amputees

By Georgia Prosthetics

For upper extremity amputees, there are several options available to make daily living much easier. Georgia Prosthetics provides prosthetic devices that utilize the most advanced technology and design to help our patients achieve the highest level of functionality.

Prosthetics Options for Upper Extremity Amputees

The right prosthetic will vary depending on the individual’s needs and priorities. During a consultation, we learn about the patient’s goals to determine the best solution.

  • A body powered prosthetic is one that uses a harness system to allow the patient to control the limb with certain body movements. This is the conventional type of prosthesis.

  • A myoelectric, or externally powered, prosthetic uses a battery and is operated by muscle contractions. Patients often find this type of prosthetic to be easier and more comfortable to use than a body powered prosthetic.

  • A hybrid prosthetic uses a combination of the features of a body powered prosthetic and an externally powered prosthetic.

  • Now more than ever, patients have access to prosthetics that allow them to participate in and excel at sports and activities of all kinds. There are special prosthetics created specifically to enable amputees to play golf, tennis, and other sports. In addition, patients can get prosthetics that help them with specialized tasks for work.

  • Some patients prefer to use a cosmetic prosthetic. These types of prosthetics, while functional, are created to be attractive and realistic-looking; there are even prosthetic hands with fingernails that can be painted.

Your Prosthetic: The Perfect Fit


Our priority is to make sure our patients have prosthetics that are highly functional as well as comfortable to use. In most cases, patients will need to undergo multiple adjustments to achieve the ideal fit.

We believe in taking the time to complete these adjustments carefully so that each patient can take full advantage of his or her prosthetic.

With the right prosthetics, upper extremity amputees can lead active, productive lives. For more information about upper extremity prosthetics, contact Georgia Prosthetics.

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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