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How to Take Care of and Clean the Liner and the Socket

By Georgia Prosthetics

Taking care of the liner and socket for your prosthesis will extend the life of your device, keep you comfortable, and help you maintain good hygiene. A prosthesis is a major investment, so you’ll likely want to take care of it to the best of your ability. Here’s how to take care of and clean the liner and socket.

Caring for Your Liner and Socket

Since the liner touches your skin all day, you will need to clean it on a daily basis. This process typically involves hand washing and the use of a mild soap. When you first get your prosthesis, a member of the Georgia Prosthetics team will explain how to clean your specific liner.

The socket will also need to be disinfected at the end of each day to minimize bacteria. Simply using rubbing alcohol is usually sufficient, but again, we will give you instructions for your specific prosthesis.

Keep your residual limb clean as well. Keeping the entire area clean will help prevent odor problems, infections, and irritation and keep your prosthesis in good shape.

Tips for Caring for Your Prosthesis

  • Never attempt to make an adjustment to your socket, liner, or other part of your prosthesis on your own. Doing so can cause damage to your device and may also put you in danger when you use it. Instead, if you think you may need an adjustment, contact our office.

  • Unless you are using a prosthesis made specifically for swimming, do not get your prosthesis wet.

  • Examine your prosthesis on a regular basis and report any problems to our office.

There is certainly a learning process that goes along with getting a new prosthesis, but the team at Georgia Prosthetics is here to make this process as easy as possible for all patients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how best to take care of your prosthesis!

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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