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Why Can’t I Get a Prosthesis Right After My Amputation Surgery?

By Georgia Prosthetics

Many times, patients are eager to get their new prostheses soon after amputation so they can return to their normal activities.

However, some time must pass –anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the individual – before a patient can be fitted for his or her prosthesis.

Why Patients Need to Wait After Surgery to Get Prostheses

Getting a prosthesis can be a lengthy process. There are a few reasons why this is frequently the case.

  • Right after the amputation surgery, the residual limb will be swollen, and its shape and size are likely to change several times during the healing process. The swelling must go down before the fitting can take place to ensure an accurate fit.

  • Amputation is a major surgical procedure, and the patient will need to allow the wound to heal before fitting for his or her prosthesis can take place. The patient is also likely to experience significant pain at the amputation site immediately following surgery, so it is best to wait until the patient feels ready. Getting used to a prosthesis is a physical and emotional challenge, and patients need to be prepared.

  • Most patients will need to work with their insurance companies prior to getting their prostheses, which can take some time. Members of the Georgia Prosthetics team are available to help patients navigate this process.

  • When the time is right, patients can obtain prostheses that help them lead active, healthy lifestyles. It is our job to help patients determine exactly when that time is.


Our team at Georgia Prosthetics has extensive experience in providing patients with the best prosthetics without pain available.

A visit to our office will help determine whether it is the right time for the patient to get his or her prosthesis. We guide our patients throughout the process to ensure they get the best care possible.

Posted by Georgia Prosthetics
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