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I Got My Prosthesis and It’s Uncomfortable

At Georgia Prosthetics, we are committed to making sure that our patients get fitted with a prosthesis that suits them perfectly. However, if you are a... Read More

Prosthetic Feet for Running and an Active Lifestyle

Do you consider yourself an athlete (or at the very least live an active lifestyle), but you’ve recently had to have a foot amputated due... Read More

What is a C-Leg Prosthetic Leg?

If you’ve experienced an injury that required your leg to be amputated above the knee, then chances are you are looking for a high-performance, above-knee... Read More

Will it be Comfortable to Walk With a New Artificial Leg?

Many amputees worry about whether their new artificial legs will be comfortable, especially when they try to walk. However, it’s important to remember that the purpose of... Read More

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Prosthetics Office

In many cases, a patient’s first appointment at a prosthetics office takes place a few weeks after the amputation. The patient is likely still adjusting... Read More

How Long Will a Prosthesis Last?

Because a prosthesis is a significant investment, patients naturally want theirs to last as long as possible. A well-made prosthesis can last anywhere from a... Read More

Prosthetic Options for Upper Extremity Amputees

For upper extremity amputees, there are several options available to make daily living much easier. Georgia Prosthetics provides prosthetic devices that utilize the most advanced technology... Read More

How to Take Care of and Clean the Liner and the Socket

Taking care of the liner and socket for your prosthesis will extend the life of your device, keep you comfortable, and help you maintain good hygiene. A... Read More

How do We Make Pain-Free Prosthetics?

A prosthetic should be used to help you live a more comfortable life, not a more painful one. Unfortunately, too many patients experience pain when using... Read More

How to Take Care of and Clean Your Lower Body Prosthesis

Your lower body prosthesis is an investment that, with proper care, should last several years. By taking a few simple precautions, you can extend the life of... Read More

Can I Drive Again Using My New Prothesis?

Following amputation, learning to drive using a new prosthesis is, for many patients, an important step in adjusting to their new lifestyle. The ability to... Read More

Why Can’t I Get a Prosthesis Right After My Amputation Surgery?

Many times, patients are eager to get their new prostheses soon after amputation so they can return to their normal activities. However, some time must pass –anywhere... Read More